Correct Method of Using Dry Herb Vaporizer to Get Good Effect

Smoking has always been a hobby and fancy for youngsters. Earlier days, smoking a cigarette or cigar was considered a social status. Type of cigarettes and their price depended upon the status of a person. However, now adults as well as youngsters fascinate with the smoking habit. With changing times people are switching to e-cigarettes or vapers that save money from buying boxes of cigarettes every day or week.

That smoke is inhaled by the person to get a feel of smoking. The substance added inside the vape pen can be anything. It can be a dry herb like nicotine or liquid-like CBD. Some people who don’t like tobacco, nicotine, or other harmful tobacco or drugs, they prefer using flavor liquid just for pleasure.

Dry herbs are quite famous among the young generation because it gives them a slight hit that keeps them high. It is a kind of pleasure that every youngster wants to experience once in life. There is much equipment in the market which is good for smoking. You can look for any smoke shop and hunt down your style of smoking accessory.

Express Smoke Shop is an online head shop that provides a wide array of smoking accessories at a reasonable price. You will get glass bowls, bubblers, bongs, vaporizers, hand pipes, rolling papers, oil rigs, etc. in their shopping bag. All items are properly tested before shipping to ensure their customer’s safety. It is an industry leader with good quality products and customer satisfaction.

All these smoking accessories are used in different ways. They come in different shapes plus sizes and their handling tactics are also different. Still, it isn’t a difficult task if you just look at it once. All you should know is the right way of filling your herb into the vaporizer.

Here are some useful tips that will help you use the vaporizer in a better way –

  • Dry herbs should be extremely as the term suggests because it will heat up faster. If the herb is slightly moist, then the vapors formed will not be to the satisfaction.
  • To dry herbs, keep it in a glass bottle and cover it with tissue paper at the top and leave it for a day. It sucks all the moisture leaving behind extremely dry herbs.
  • Grind your herb properly with a mortar and pestle so that while heating, hot air circulates evenly between the granules and you get flavorful vapor.
  • While filling the chamber with dry herbs, don’t stuff it, just fill it while leaving it slight fluffy. This way it will have a proper gap for heat to circulate between every granule.
  • Generally, people keep the temperature high for better vapor, but that can evaporate the flavor of herb and what’s left behind is the harsh smoke. Hence, try two-three times to know the best temperature in which you get your favorable flavor.
  • Drawing smoke from vaper is also a skill because if you draw long and fast vapors, then it will hit directly your throat you might get irritation. However, slow drawing can also not give an appropriate amount of vapor, thus, choose your best style yourself.

Maintenance and cleanliness of every instrument are important. Always clean with tap water and remove the burned particles from the chamber. This will extend the life of the vaporizer. Also, next time when you change your flavor, it will not mix with the previous one.

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