N95 VS KN95 – How to Choose A Protective Face Mask

Due to COVID-19 outbreak preventive equipment like face masks became very popular throughout the world. There are many debates on wearing face masks earlier, but now most of them agree that top-quality masks can help in controlling the transmission of virus when used along with other protective measures.

You can find various types of face masks in the market such as cotton masks, respirators, surgical masks and more. Among these, N95 is one of the popular one recommended by the healthcare experts.

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The following is some information about N95 as well as KN95 masks that helps you in choosing a right one for you depending on the situation.


These masks offer high breathing protection level. Even though, they look same as dust masks and face masks, but they are specially designed to fit perfectly on face and eliminate air leakage. Respirator effectiveness is compromised in case it is not worn in a right way and not fitted correctly.

N95 vs. KN95

N95 masks are referred to US NIOSH certification with filtration efficiency over 95%, whereas KN95 masks meet the china standards GB2626. These masks will also have filtration efficiency over 95%.

From this, it is clear that the effect of KN95 and N95 is the same. The filtration efficiency of both for non-oily substances is over 95%. KN95 respiratory masks are equally effective as respirators N95, so you can even use KN95 masks to prevent the shortage of masks due to pandemic COVID-19.

Research studies on N95

A research has conducted on 3 types of masks such as surgical masks, common bandana and dust masks against N95 respirator. The results show that N95 respirator can filter even tiny particles effectively compared to others.

Additionally, there are other models of masks suitable to KN95 and N95 such as FFP2, FFP3, KN90 and KF94. The number just after the letters represents their ability in providing protection. If the number is larger, the protection level is more.

For instance, 95 refer ability in filtering over 95% non-oily particles. Similarly, the number 90 represents 90% particulates, in FFP series 2 refers 95% and number 3 is highly efficient of 99%. Having a letter V indicates there is breathing valve feature on mask.

Focus on fitting

For effective functioning you have to wear the mask correctly. The following are few suggestions that help you in making sure whether your respirator fits correctly and snugly.

  • Use masks, which meet national standards
  • Check the fitting by keeping as well as adjusting straps for snug fit
  • Refer manufacturer instructions on the mask
  • Remove or trim your facial hair

If you want to protect yourself from pandemic disease coronavirus check your mask before visiting outside.

Gather information about the stores that supply top-quality protective masks, choose the best one, order today and make use whenever you visit outside including your workplace.

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