How To Put Your Music On Different Platforms

Many artists are trying to grow with the help of various social media websites making TikTok the biggest of them all. TikTok is one of the biggest platforms on social media-driven solely by music. Apart from this also, iTunes, Spotify, etc. are such amazing sites for uploading your songs and albums.

You can sell your music on iTunes and earn lots of money. All of these platforms are authentic providing 100 % of the revenue to the artists. MusicDigi is one such platform providing artists recognition and helping them get on track and help to sell their music online.

How to sell music on platforms

  1. First of all, you need to sign on to their website and then upload your songs and even if it is an album, you can do that too.
  2. Select the release type you are preferring, whether single or it is an album
  3. Upload all of your favorite compositions and songs on iTunes
  4. Give credits to all the music composers to get the credit for their songs whenever your songs make money.
  5. You can get your songs on Spotify in the same way after it is approved by the respective websites.
  6. After uploading your songs, check out the review report for checking how many of your songs have been sold.
  7. The same procedure goes on for similar websites. You can get your music on TikTok in the same manner.

With the help of MusicDigi, you can also get your music on Deezer. It is an online music streaming platform helping new talents to get to new heights. It helps in uploading music and songs in a hassle-free way making it one of the best trending sites for uploading songs. It follows the following steps:

  1. Create an account for using it in releasing your songs. Uploading of tracks takes just minutes. You can choose from many different platforms as to where you will want your music like Amazon, Spotify, etc.
  2. After releasing your songs, they send it to any digital stores within 24-72 hours of uploading. It takes very little time to do so.
  3. Once your music gets released online, you will be paid money for the same. The money directly goes to your created account.

You have to pay a very low yearly fee of $39.99 for getting your music on various digital platforms. If you have the talent to sing every month, you will be based monthly for the same. It is an amazing platform for putting your songs even with YouTube.

The best part is you can keep all rights of your songs to yourself. An expert team is always there for helping you with all queries. Recording songs have never been so easy before. You will get 91% of the royalty and your music will always remain your own.

It makes it easy for recording and playing your songs. You will get around 100 platforms for uploading your songs. You can decide where you will want to showcase your talent.

Certain tips for the success of music promotion

  • Follow other musicians

While planning to start with your channel, firstly create networking by following other musicians across various social media platforms. Even if their music does not attract you, follow them for knowing all the latest trends in music and your improvement factors.

  • Keep your songs easy and light

At the beginning itself, do not try doing the hard things. Go with light songs loved by people and gradually move to the harder side. If you choose the hard ones in the first place, chances are you might lose the game.

  • Try to be prolific

Try producing short video content as they are much loved by people. Focus on the lyrics of the songs and also try using a little flair by adding it to dance segments. When you try taking chances while posting videos, you move ahead of everything you try something new.

  • Don’t try to be perfect

Making songs is not always about being perfect. Sometimes unpolished songs are equally loved by people. Show the real you with your songs and don’t be afraid before recording your songs. Stay true to yourself and you are going to win no matter what!


MusicDigi understands your emotions and methods of singing and tries to give you the very best. You can talk about your feelings and they will try their best to help you. There are no hidden costs with you getting unlimited song downloading options.

It tries to gain the acceptance of various artists in their ways. It is a fun and exciting website for streaming all of your songs in less than 24 hours. It is fast and is a definite try!

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