Create Customized Wedding Favours to Match Them with the Theme of Your wedding

Giving wedding favours acts as a token of your appreciation towards their beautiful presence that made your wedding joyful and a memorable occasion. Boxes of sweets, chocolates, nuts, fruits, biscuits are some commonly given wedding favours all across the world.

Get custom made personalised favours for guests at your wedding to show appreciation towards them for their time and presence, which makes any occasion worth remembering. Laser cut names from GE designs Australia, will definitely stand out as a party favour in its uniqueness and style.

Factors that influence your choice of wedding favours

Choice of wedding favours is mostly personalized by the couple. Its choice can be further influenced by factors such as:

  • Total number of guests attending the wedding celebrations.
  • Your total budget, this will decide the price of the gift per person.
  • Colour and theme of the wedding arrangements.
  • Usability and perishability of the gift.
  • If you decide to choose different favours for guests based on gender or age group.

If you have a tight budget, you can always create a wedding favour on your own. Take help of your friends and family and make beautiful activity boxes for children and inexpensive items such as candles and soaps for the adults.

Wedding favour ideas

Pick the theme of your wedding celebrations and decor before picking out a wedding favour. You can also choose to pre-pick a wedding favour and match it with the theme by tying the boxes or packets in the same coloured ribbons or paper flowers. Let us see some creative wedding favour ideas:

  • Male specific favours can include bottle opener, cigar, wine stopper, and miniature bottles of wine or whiskey.
  • If you are tight on budget, you can skin favours for men completely as they do not tend to notice easily.
  • Chocolates, cookies, and sweets with your name and date of wedding printed on them or on the box is another common yet personalized wedding favour.
  • You can choose to support a charity by donating them in return for a badge and card that can be given to your guests as a favour.
  • Fortune cookies carrying quotes on romance, humour, love, and happiness.
  • Silk fans, mini lanterns, miniature lipsticks are some of the favours that your female guests will really appreciate.
  • Children love filling their own bags. You can give them beautifully decorated bags, which they can fill themselves with their favourite candies and chocolates that you can spread out for them.
  • Lottery tickets that can be purchased online and roll them with a beautifully written thank you note and tie them both with a ribbon matching the colour theme.
  • If budget is not a concern, you can buy reusable ornate boxes and fill them with Belgium chocolates and nuts.

Wedding favours symbolizes blessings of fertility, wealth, happiness, and longevity of the couple and as a way to share their love to every guest. Your guests will love your efforts and care that you have managed to put in all the personally designed and decorated wedding favours or thank you notes.

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