Read This Article to Know All About Dabbing

Those who have never taken dab before, reading this piece of writing can give you an idea before you decide to take your dab.

If you visit the website of Express smoke shop or any local smoke shops, you may come across many devices used for dabbing.

What is dabbing?

You can get more amount of intense smoking experience with dabbing. Based on potency and dosage dabbing may offer very intense “high” feeling and can offer very rough time for those who go for first time.

Typically, with higher temperature of dab, your experience is going to be more intense. Larger dabs can usually be more intense, and if that is coupled with higher potency, then it will be very intense, particularly at higher temperatures.

Usually, dabs have 80% THC content, while most marijuana strains may have 15 to 25% only. Hence, you can easily understand that dabbing is not meant for first timers.

Only with regular practice, one should prefer to try dabbing.

How do dabs can affect your body?

Although, no conclusive evidence is available, there are always concerns about dabbing that is dangerous for health, as it can cause potential damage to your:

  • Esophagus
  • Lungs
  • Mouth

One can however get best experience of dabbing at proper temperature and hence it is important to know which temperature can be best for dabbing.

The best temperature is anywhere in between 350ᵒF to 650ᵒF. with lower temperature than this may not melt and may create huge mess and also give subpar experience without any flavor.

Also, higher temperature dabbing above 650ᵒF may offer burnt taste, more carcinogens exposure and your lung damage and esophagus from intense heat.

Steps for taking a dab

Following are the few steps involved for taking a dab rig.

  • Setting up of dab rig

You need sufficient water and then attach nail to dab rig. You also need dab concentrate on the hand for using it at right time.

  • Heat the nail or banger

Heat the quartz banger depending upon the material type that your nail is. It may take longer for heating quartz. Ceramic and titanium also can hold the heat.

  • Insert your extract

After dab rig is hot, it is now time to put dab extract on tip of the dabber tool, and then gently place it inside your banger or nail.

  • Inhale

After your dab is inside your rig and also your mouth is now on the mouthpiece, then it is right time to start inhaling the smoke through the dab rig.

However, prefer not to do such activities too fast because it can always come quickly than what you may think.

  • Enjoy dabbing experience

Finally, now it is time when you must exhale, and also enjoy your experience. It will be the best to smoke dab when you are not doing anything strenuous or intense.

Usually, dabbing will not be the best for those who need to do complex tasks. Rather it should be enjoyed in harmony and peace.

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